Precast concrete services and products are available from to meet the needs of your most demanding concrete projects. We build products that are far superior to typical poured-in-place concrete. Precast concrete is made to last over time with better quality control, not to mention it’s fully customizable. You simply give us your custom dimensions, and we’ll build your precast concrete item in our controlled environment. This will save you time, which is money, and ensure that you receive the best possible product at the best price.

With over 100 years of combined precast delivery experience, our drivers can deliver almost any type of precast concrete product directly to your site of choice. Though we primarily do business in Colorado,Utah,New Mexico,Wyoming,Nebraska, and Kansas, we’re equipped and have delivered products all over the nation. With a commitment to excellence and quality,  it comes as no surprise that we were awarded the Quality Merit Award for achieving a score in the top percentage of all North American precast concrete plants.

If you’re ready to see your precast concrete project come to life, give Colorado Precast Concrete a call at (970) 669-0535.  Or request a quote via email.  Please fill out our RFQ form.



Architectural Items

Including stair treads, window sills, wall caps, and trim pieces.

Storage Tanks

Vaults available up to 15,500 gallons, and can be piped in series to obtain larger capacities.


Available in different finishes for single or double occupancy, and are ADA-compliant.


Vaults / Tunnels

Our staff engineers are available for design to meet your needs.