Septic Systems

Colorado Precast Concrete carries an assortment of septic vaults, septic tanks, supplies and accessories, including distribution boxes, pvc pipe and fittings, red rosin paper, plastic liners and alarm systems.

This includes supplies from Infiltrator Systems, Inc®. “Infiltrator Systems Inc. (ISI) is the world’s leading manufacturer of plastic leach field drainage chambers for environmental onsite wastewater solutions.”

Infiltrators are in stock:   Visit Infiltrator’s Website Click Here

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Pump Pits

Pump pits are available in standard 24″ Ø, 36″ Ø and 48″ Ø for use after septic tanks …


Small Diameter Manholes

Small diameter manhole risers are available from 20″ Ø to 36″ Ø and are used for septic tank/cistern …


Septic Tanks

Septic Tanks are 2 compartment tanks and work as a critical part of the septic system.  The tanks …


Septic Vaults

Septic Vaults are a single compartment and function as storage containers that require periodic pumping.

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