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Colorado Precast offers a wide range of quality products. Among the multitude of stock items and custom made items are: storm drain inlets, manholes, water meter vaults, electrical vaults.

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Colorado Precast provides a variety of products for the Agricultural Community, from irrigation diversion structures, storm water inlets, water cisterns, fuel storage vaults to livestock watering troughs and feeding bunks.


Architectural precast products are available from Colorado Precast Concrete that are custom built to your specifications, and are available in a large variety of colors and textures.


Precast concrete buildings are maintenance-free, built-in-place or transportable structures that can be built to your requirements and specifications. Our precast concrete buildings come in many different colors and finishes, and are great for a number of different applications.

Fuel Tanks

Colorado Precast Concrete's fuel and liquid storage tanks range in size from 300 gallon to 12,000 gallon capacity. The tanks come in regular or low-profile shapes. We supply both above ground and below ground vaults, depending on your requirements.


Colorado Precast Concrete is CDOT Qualified for Precast Concrete Structures including Type C Inlets, Type D Inlets, Type R Inlets, Type 13 Inlets, Manholes and Type 7 Guardrails CPC has recently provided replacement highway panels for Interstate 25 in Northern Colorado. We also manufacture highway barriers, light pole/traffic sign bases and parking blocks.

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Grease Interceptors are used in the restaurant industry and for institutional kitchens, among other applications. The interior baffle and piping act as a system to trap grease and oil in the first compartment to be removed later as required. Our Grease Interceptors meet the requirements for ASTM C 1613-06 standards.


Colorado Precast Concrete offers a array of precast ornamental and architectural products in a variety of colors and finishes.

Precast Manholes

Precast manholes are available from Colorado Precast Concrete for sewer systems and water lines.

Recent Projects

Recent Projects

Septic Systems

Colorado Precast Concrete carries an assortment of septic vaults, septic tanks, supplies and accessories, including distribution boxes, pvc pipe and fittings, red rosin paper, plastic liners and alarm systems.


Sewer Solutions


Colorado Precast Concrete offers a wide variety of products for Storm Water Management.


Colorado Precast Concrete has supplied electrical vaults to a number of local Public Works departments in Northern Colorado and Wyoming, including the City of Fort Collins, the City of Loveland, Platte River Power Authority, Poudre Valley REA and Mountain Parks Electric.

Utility Vaults

Utility vaults are rooms that are built underground to store items such as gas pipes, water valves, or electrical equipment. Our utility vaults can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Colorado Precast Concrete manufactures manholes, inlets and other precast concrete products for water and sanitary sewer systems. Our customers range from the individual home owner to large contractors.